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  • What do you mean by unlimited drop-in tutoring?
    We offer drop-in sessions each evening Monday through Thursday during the school year. Our students are welcome to drop-in during these hours at any time, any day as often as they like or need.
  • Do you offer one on one traditional tutoring?
    Absolutely, we offer traditional tutoring in an online format (typically 60 minutes). Please contact the office to make an appointment with one of our exceptional tutors.
  • How are drop-in sessions different from traditional tutoring?
    While we do offer traditional tutoring in an online format, what makes us truly unique is our unlimited drop-in program. Once enrolled, students need not make an appointment. We are here for them Monday through Thursday to work on any core subject, not just the one they originally came to us for. What has truly surprised us is that most of our students chose to join us every day of the week, whether they need help or not. We support and guide them as they navigate their homework. They are drawn to the routine and value the supportive relationships that we are building with them.
  • Are your study sessions just for homework help?
    We believe in supporting students where they are. Ultimately, you seek a tutor because your family wants to see results in the classroom. The Study Coaches offers a bonus! Because we see many of the students several nights a week, we become much more than homework helpers. We build relationships. Through these relationships, our coaches can anticipate where students are going academically and they know where they have been. This allows us to address deficiencies and preview upcoming skills. We even sneak in study skills, organizational tools, and goal setting. As students experience success, their confidence grows.
  • Remote school was lonely for my child. Are you different?
    The only thing we have in common with remote school is that we are online. While we circulate between students, our ratio is much smaller than a typical classroom. We work with students one on one. We get to know them, their strengths and weaknesses, their interests and dreams. We make an effort to get to know how our students learn best and personalize their experience. We build relationships with our students which is why most of them choose to attend sessions every day.
  • How does it work?
    Students will log into zoom to be greeted by a moderator. Based on your student’s goals that day, they will be “sent” to a breakout room to work privately with their coach. When teachers help students in class, they circulate the classroom offering support for a few minutes before moving on to the next student. Our coaches work in much the same way. They will offer personalized instruction and practice to your student. They may then ask your student to work on a something specific on their own while they check on another breakout room but don’t worry, the coaches will always come back!
  • My child’s work is online. Will your sessions work for them?
    Sure, we often have students screen share their work with us. Some students will even take screen grabs during the day to share with us later that evening.
  • My child’s work is old fashioned paper and pencil, how can you help them?
    Old-fashioned paper and pencil can work in this virtual environment as well. We just use modern tools to share it. Students can take a photo of or scan their work and email it to us. We also use electronic white boards to demonstrate work and new concepts.
  • If my student is sharing their coach, how much time do they get with their study coach?
    Just like in a classroom, time with the coach varies based on the needs of your student, how many other students attend the session that day and their needs. We never want students leaving the session feeling like they did not get the time they needed with their coach. We make sure they feel confident and have a plan for their next steps before they log out.
  • How do the coaches determine what to work on during drop-in sessions?
    It varies as much as homework does. We work with the students to see what assignments they have. We “triage” the hard things when we need to. Because so many students choose to come in every day, we are able to help students learn to prioritize their assignments and their time.
  • Will they be with other students online?
    Yes. Students may cross paths in the main room but every student is assigned to their own private Zoom room. On occasion, two or more students might show up from the same class. If they request, they can work together. That’s always fun!
  • What kind of results are you having?
    Our students are thriving. Most students drop in every day even when they do not need specific help. They appreciate the routine, the accountability, and the relationships they are building with our tutors. We work hard and celebrate their successes together. We have students that came to use because they were failing. Their only goal was to avoid summer school. Today they have all A’s and B’s. They have improved their academic skills, their organizational skills, and their attitudes toward school. The most important part…their confidence has grown by leaps!
  • Who are your tutors?
    Our coaches are top notch students who have done very well in their academic careers. They are located in different parts of the county. Some want to be teachers. Some have been tutoring for years. All of them love teaching. They are well vetted. Kari, our head coach and founder, is a nationally recognized, certified teacher. She has taught many levels from “cradle through college.”
  • What subjects do you tutor?
    Our tutors can work with students on any of the core subjects for students 7-12. We ask students to do their homework before attending the drop-in session whenever possible. If they are finding difficulty with any of their work, we encourage them to share the work with us before the session so that we are prepared for their session. We currently have a wait-list for students in grades 2-6.
  • Can you help my child with high level math and science?
    Yes, we have tutors that can help with high level math and science. We just need a little prep time. It is helpful to have your student communicate what topics they are working on in class with us beforehand. With your permission, we can also contact the teacher so that we are aligned with what the teacher is expecting.

Have more questions?

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