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You can conquer your entrance exams! 

We recommend that Juniors and/or Seniors consider taking the ACT/SAT.


Why would I need a coach for ACT/ACT preparation?

Well... why not? 

Coaches help us reach our potential

This is true in baseball, in music... in life! 

So it makes sense that it would help in test prep too. 


  • Our course offers 18 hours of small-group instruction. Willpower is hard. Enrolling in a course holds you accountable to yourself and sets up a routine of studying.

  • We focus on both test-taking strategies and subject-specific skills.

  • In addition to gaining an understanding of test-taking strategies, our knowledgeable tutors bring a major advantage to your study routine. We know the secrets and will focus on recurring questions and topics.

  • We individualize instruction based on your prior session's results to help you grow where you need it most.

We can get you the results you want.
We did this for the students whose scores are shared in the graphic above.
The sooner you start, the greater the gains you will make! 
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