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Better Than An Apple! What do Teacher's Wish For This Teacher Appreciation Week?

Teacher appreciation week is upon us. It is not too late to make a teacher’s week special!

We know you love and appreciate the educators in your children’s lives. Finding that perfect gift can be difficult. So, to get some ideas, we surveyed teachers and asked, “What was the most thoughtful gift you have received.”

Here’s what we learned:

Skip the apple knick-knacks and check out our list of top teacher favorites.


11. Several teachers love indoor plants.  One reported that she was delighted when a family noticed this and gifted her a plant.

10. Many teachers mentioned that they love it when families acknowledge that teachers spend their own money in the classroom by replenishing their office supplies or classroom snacks. Flair pens seem to be a favorite office supply. 

9. Homemade items. Treats. Artwork.

8. Speaking of handmade, a pillow made from a t-shirt with the school logo on it.

7.  Food is a favorite.

6. So is coffee. Have lunch or coffee brought in from a local restaurant.

5. One teacher loved a magnifying glass that a student bought her.  Why? It was a little joke shared between the teacher and the student who had tiny handwriting. This gift reminded her of the special relationship they had developed.  Ask your student.  They might have a thoughtful idea for their favorite teacher. 

4. Something personalized.  One teacher mentioned loving a personalized coffee mug with her favorite character from Disneyworld.  I once received a monogrammed make-up bag that joined me on many of my travel journeys. 

3.  A cozy blanket was an unexpected delight.  Those who received blankets mentioned that they curled up in this gift and felt the love for many years. 

2.   Gift cards were a very popular item.  Teachers mentioned a variety of cards that they like to receive.  Amazon, Visa, restaurants, and coffee gift cards were top of the list. To personalize a gift card, consider the teacher’s personality and what they do in their spare time.

And everyone’s most treasured gifts…

1. By far, the most favored gift was a note.  One teacher described a scrapbook that she received.  It was filled with photos from the year and cards from students and their parents.  She says that she will treasure and keep the book forever. 

I think the message here is that, like everyone, teachers appreciate being seen. Whether that means sending a gift card, purchasing a sweet gift, or noticing that they spend their own money in the classroom, taking a few moments to consider something thoughtful, unique, and personal will make this year’s teacher appreciation week one that is truly memorable.  And…whatever you do, don’t forget to write a special note!



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