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Kids have the Winter Blues? Let's talk about how to Bust the Boredom. Part One

Welcome to Winter Break!

You know what that means! The kids will be home…all day, every day. Hooray! 

But then the panic thought occurs. How will we fill their time?

If your home is like mine, (and odds are it is) you will soon hear the whines of, “I’m bored.” Or worse, the kids will turn into tecno-zombies staring at phones and screens. What’s a mom to do?

Create your own adventure

Personally, I think it is good for kids to be bored once in a while. Consider it a time for them to stretch their imagination, their sense of agency, and their creativity. Sure, they might need an encouraging prompt to get started. So, give them one.  Remember those “Create your own adventure” books? This is your opportunity to relive them!  Offering your children some either/or questions.

“Oh, you are bored. Are you?  What a wonderful opportunity for you to do whatever you want to do!” <insert eyeroll here> Let me help. Would you like to play inside or outside?”

“Ahh, inside.  Would you like to play in the living room or your bedroom?”

“The living room.  Would you like to build or draw?”

“You say build? Ok. Pillows or Legos… “

You get the idea.  Tailor it to the moment and to your kids. This might take some thinking ahead on your part so you are ready to respond, but it will be worth it.

Brainstorm your family’s boredom busting ideas

Hate the idea of 20 questions played on repeat all winter break? Try a one-time family brainstorm.  Together, as a family, write parent-approved boredom buster ideas on slips of paper and toss them in a jar labeled “Boredom Busters.” At the first hint of a whine, simply point your child to the jar. “Don’t worry, kid, there is a jar full of ideas right there. Have at it!”

Let us help you with some ideas. Today will be the first in a two-part series of brain-exercising, boredom-busting fun.  

Read the rest of the article at Scottsdale Moms Collective

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