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How Will You Make This School Year Different Than Last Year?

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The Study Coaches has joined the amazing women at Scottsdale Moms Collective, a group of women committed to bringing fantastic mom-focused content to Scottsdale. I will be sharing my perspective on everything education...

Our first article is...

Two Essential Steps You Can Take Right Now to Make It the Best School Year Ever!

Back-to-school season is upon us!

Whether you are sad to see the summer end or you are dancing through the back-to-school aisles at Target, there are two essential, and free, steps you can take right now to prepare your children for the best school year ever.

The first and most and most essential step will help your child to stay focused and engaged all school year. They need to establish their WHY. Why is school important? What will they gain from participating?

It is a question that comes in many forms and we have all heard it before. “Why do I need to take this class?” “Why do I have to do homework?” “What is the point of…” Let’s be honest, as kids, we asked these questions too.

The answer to this question is essential and personal.

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